December 13 2021.- Mariscos Castellar has been awarded  with the Degusta Jaén Award, in the category of company, granted by the Jaén Provincial Council in its eighth edition.


                With this award, the provincial Administration seeks to recognize the work that companies adhering to this quality seal have been doing throughout 2021 to promote Jaen products and develop both products and services of the highest quality.


                The Deputy for Agriculture, Livestock, Environment and Climate Change, Pedro Bruno, has highlighted: “Mariscos Castellar holds more than half a century in the production and distribution of top quality seafood, especially freshly cooked and deep-frozen seafood, fish, elaborations and precooked. And they achive so while maintaining as founding values the exquisite quality of the product and the highest demand for professionalism ”.


                As for the CEOs of the company, Josefina and Francisco García Calero, both have thanked the award received whose honors have been shared with the entire team of the company “truly protagonists and deserving of recognition for his worth, talent, professionalism and dedication, from the youngest to the most veteran of this company, teambuilding and endeavouring as one”.