October 28, 2020.- The renewed image of Mariscos Castellar, recently implanted  by corporate in its packaging, received the Arca Selección Award for best food packaging.

The jury for the ARCA awards, which each year selects the best packaging in the Iberian Peninsula, with the participation of agencies from Spain and Portugal, has recognized the originality, careful design and innovative approach of Mariscos Castellar in its new packaging.

The new packaging for Mariscos Castellar has been designed by the Branding and Packaging agency “Cabello x Mure”, who has embodied the values and history of the company in all the visual identity of the containers from the “Gold Series” box format to deep-frozen products in bag format.

The renewed image delves into the origins of Mariscos Castellar, recalling the beginnings of the company when the seafood was distributed in bicycle; while projecting the image of innovation, freshness, passion and business avant-garde that currently distinguishes the company, managed by the second generation.

The general director of Mariscos Castellar, Josefina García, has expressed her satisfaction with the award obtained “for what it means in terms of success in the renewal of the image of our products at the same time as we provide a more attractive and updated product to our clientele, which, like our company, we also see faithfully renewed generation after generation ”.

About Mariscos Castellar

Mariscos Castellar  has been producing and distributing top quality seafood for more than fifty years. The company has specialized in freshly cooked and deep-frozen seafood, fishes, prepared and pre-cooked products. Exquisite quality of the product comes from the company founding values and the highest standards of professionalism, leading the brand to achieve a strong business position among many other companies; both national and internationally.

Headquartered in Castellar, province of Jaén (Andalusia), acquires its seafood from the best fish markets the country. Huelva, Cadiz, and Vigo are among the best fishing and breeding grounds in the world, so the company acquires most of the feedstock from there. Company’s national and international distribution network ensures deliveries arriving both quick and in perfect condition anywhere within Spain and Europe.


Mariscos Castellar is nowadays one of the top seafood cookers in Spain, and a benchmark in the distribution of frozen food in the country. It distributes, through wholesalers, to hotels, caterers, restaurants, bars, and seafood restaurants. Its products are positioned in a large number of Spanish supermarkets and food shops, and exported to international European countries such as Portugal, England, or Holland.