August 19, 2021.-  Mariscos Castellar is today a benchmark in the distribution of frozen foods in the country, whose founding values are the quality of the product and the highest demand for professionalism.

The role of women in Mariscos Castellar has been practically crucial since the start of the company, supporting and empowering the women of the area, as well as collaborating in the development of the Comarca del Condado (our local region). 

The company has taken a further step in terms of social policies. Thus, last February was approved its first Equality Plan. This consists of 71 measures of progressive application, distributed in 11 lines of action, with a validity of 4 years for its transversal application in all the departments of the company.

These measures are planned to cover areas like: selection and hiring of personnel, training, underrepresentation, professional promotion, or working conditions, among others. All of these measures were proposed with special attention to the protection of possible victims of gender violence.

The objective of this Equality Plan is for Mariscos Castellar to continue as an engine of Change in its scope of action and contribute, as far as possible, to a society where there were no gender inequalities; where equality is full, real and effective.


May, 5th of 2021.-  Mariscos Castellar recently brought its wide range of seafood products to the Hotel & Catering Innovation Show (2021 H&T), the only on-site meeting point in Southern Europe aimed for the Hotel and Catering industry; where innovation is the central theme for both exhibition and content panel.

This event, held at Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Malaga, brought together the main brands in the sector, who were able to show their commercial offers to more than 5000 visitors during the three days the fair was held.

Mariscos Casellar had an eye-catching exhibition area where the public would see an exhibition where the company was showing its main product lines, such as; cooked seafood, raw seafood, pre-cooked and prepared products, cephalopods and bivalves… The company also presented its new range of products, imported fish. During the 3 days of event, the visitors were able to taste some of the products in the destined areas in compliance with safety and hygiene measures.

The event has served not only to strengthen the position of Mariscos Castellar in the Andalusian Market, but also to expand contacts and business relationships with customers and distributors.

Mariscos Castellar sales team, present during the event, were represented by Francisco Sánchez and Sebastian Machado, highlighted the fair with ‘’the great acceptance our products have had among the visitors. The large variety of products was very gratifying in the eyes of the gastronomic experts, for Malaga to be an interesting and demanding market. Gathering many other companies was a unique experience and a benchmark for both Malaga and Costa del Sol, in terms of quality, for Mariscos Castellar, among the Hotel and Catering Industry’’



Mariscos Castellar stand at 2021 HIP
Mariscos Castellar stand at 2021 HIP

Mariscos Castellar visited the Horeca International Fair of trends and Innovation (HIP 2021), wich happened to be the first professional trade fair to be held physically in Europe since the beginning of the pandemic.

At the event, Mariscos Castellar was able to show its key products, cooked and raw seafood. Not only seafood, but novelties and innovative products that the visitors and professionals form the hotel and catering sector could try and taste. The Horeca International Fair of Trends and Innovation was considered a great success in terms of acceptance for the company.

In order to achieve this, the company set up an eye-catching exhibition area that resulted in many people gathering around and tasting the products; following strict safety and hygiene regulations.

The event, held at IFEMA-Madrid, worked out not only as a confirmation that our products are still relevant; the satisfactory acceptance of the products presented add recognition to our brand’s quality. At the time, also stablished new and interesting relationships with both existing and potential clients and suppliers.

Mariscos Castellar CEO, Josefina García Calero, expressed ‘’how satisfying was the fact of being again physically at a trade fair, seeing the enthusiasm of every professional looking forward to reactivate the sector. This occasion was perfect to present new gastronomic creations that may eventually reach the home market’’.


In the image, from left to right: Álvaro Guillén, president of LANDALUZ; Josefina García, Mariscos Castellar CEO; Vicente Pérez, General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and Cristina de Toro, General Director of Industries and Food Chain of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.
In the image, from left to right: Álvaro Guillén, president of LANDALUZ; Josefina García, Mariscos Castellar CEO; Vicente Pérez, General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and Cristina de Toro, General Director of Industries and Food Chain of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.

September 22nd, 2020.- The food company Mariscos Castellar has received the distinction to the business trajectory granted by the Andalusian Food Business Association (Landaluz) in recognition of the 50 years of history of the Jaen company specialized in the production and distribution of sea products.

The award, presented in an event held in Seville and chaired by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, and the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, was picked up by the general director of Mariscos Castellar, Josefina García Calero.

The president of Landaluz, Álvaro Guillén, pointed ”this award recognizes those companies with accredited prestige within the agribusiness sector over the years and that have selflessly collaborated to achieve the aims and objectives of the agri-food sector as a whole ”.

After receiving the award, Josefina García Calero has expressed her satisfaction with the recognition granted by the sector, represented by Landaluz; “a recognition of the work that we have been carrying in the company since our inception, for which this award belongs to all those who have been part of the history of Mariscos Castellar, especially my parents as founders and origin of all this”.


Founded in 1969 by Pepe García and Elisa Calero, Mariscos Castellar holds more than half a century in the production and distribution of top quality seafood, which gets distributed throughout Spain.

The company, based in the Jaen town of Castellar, traces its origins to three previous generations of the same family; from Pepe’s father, Francisco García – who was already engaged in the grocery trade in the 50s – to his two children, Francisco and Josefina.

With a solid academic and business training, the García Calero brothers are currently at the helm of this company. Since its artisanal beginning, has as its flag the quality of the product together with professional seriousness in a solid evolution towards the current industrial company that is leading in the national food sector.

In these years, the company has found a way to adapt a fresh and artisanal preparation of the products, to an industrialized production that maintains its quality intact, thanks to the most advanced cooking and deep-frozen techniques. Without losing its essence as a company with traditional values.

Over 50 years, Mariscos Castellar has not only evolved in the face of an increasingly demanding market, introducing innovation in production, storage and distribution processes; but has also advanced towards the business vanguard with the challenge of surpassing the half century of history providing the greatest delicacy in seafood with an excellent distribution service.

Mariscos Castellar is nowadays one of the most important seafood cookers in Spain and a benchmark in the distribution of frozen foods in the country. Through wholesalers, distributes its products to the most select hotels, caterers, restaurants, bars and seafood restaurants. Its products are positioned in a large number of Spanish supermarkets and food stores and are exported internationally to European countries such as England, Holland. Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.