August 19, 2021.-  Mariscos Castellar is today a benchmark in the distribution of frozen foods in the country, whose founding values are the quality of the product and the highest demand for professionalism.

The role of women in Mariscos Castellar has been practically crucial since the start of the company, supporting and empowering the women of the area, as well as collaborating in the development of the Comarca del Condado (our local region). 

The company has taken a further step in terms of social policies. Thus, last February was approved its first Equality Plan. This consists of 71 measures of progressive application, distributed in 11 lines of action, with a validity of 4 years for its transversal application in all the departments of the company.

These measures are planned to cover areas like: selection and hiring of personnel, training, underrepresentation, professional promotion, or working conditions, among others. All of these measures were proposed with special attention to the protection of possible victims of gender violence.

The objective of this Equality Plan is for Mariscos Castellar to continue as an engine of Change in its scope of action and contribute, as far as possible, to a society where there were no gender inequalities; where equality is full, real and effective.