Jaén based food Company Mariscos Castellar announced passed November 27th at 10:30 a.m. the new corporate image, as well as its renewed business structure. This announce also came with the presentation of brand new packaging, logos, web page and strategic plan, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company, at DixTinto Restaurant in Jaén (Calle Rioja, 1).

The presentation was carried out by the García Calero siblings, Josefina and Francisco, as company’s CEO’s, and the culinary consultant for the Food Industry and Mariscos Castellar associate Marcos Reguera.

The company structure has been renewed with the addition of new management areas, such as Exports, Innovation and Development, and last but not least, Marketing and Communication. At the time, the company reinforced existing departments, such as Quality, Production, and Sales by recruiting experienced professionals.

Following an innovative strategic plan, the company is taking a big step seeking new opportunities in international markets. By improving its competitiveness, research and investigation, new forms of management come with digitalization, and technology takes an important role in this new era of the company.

Among many other objectives, the company will face many challenges and different opportunities brought by the new markets with a strong stand.

With the new company image, logo, and renewed design of commercial packaging, comes the new website (www.mariscoscastellar.com). The website includes all kind of information and news about the company, such as a catalogue of seafood, fish, prepared, and pre-cooked products from the best national and international fishing grounds.

About Mariscos Castellar

Mariscos Castellar (website) has been producing and distributing top quality seafood for more than fifty years. The company has specialized in freshly cooked and deep-frozen seafood, fishes, prepared and pre-cooked products. Exquisite quality of the product comes from the company founding values and the highest standards of professionalism, leading the brand to achieve a strong business position among many other companies; both national and internationally.

Headquartered in Castellar, province of Jaén (Andalusia), acquires its seafood from the best fish markets the country. Huelva, Cadiz, and Vigo are among the best fishing and breeding grounds in the world, so the company acquires most of the feedstock from there.  Company’s national and international distribution network ensures deliveries arriving both quick and in perfect condition anywhere within Spain and Europe.

Mariscos Castellar is nowadays one of the top seafood cookers in Spain, and a benchmark in the distribution of frozen food in the country. It distributes, through wholesalers, to hotels, caterers, restaurants, bars, and seafood restaurants. Its products are positioned in a large number of Spanish supermarkets and food shops, and exported to international European countries such as Portugal, England, or Holland.