Mariscos Castellar, “Ideal of the Year” Prize in the area of Economy

Last Wednesday, June 21st, the Infanta Leonor Theatre dressed up to host a new edition of the IDEALES Awards, given by the local newspaper Diario IDEAL and which recognizes the excellence of people and entities from Jaén in different fields.

It fills us with pride to say that, on this occasion, our company was awarded the “Ideal of the Year” Prize in the area of Economy. Half a century of work supports us, since Francisco José García Muñoz, ideator and founder of “Mariscos Castellar”, set as an objective in 1969 to bring seafood products to our village. In order to do so, he had the unconditional support of his wife, Elisa Calero, and day-to-day, night after night, “Mariscos Castellar” was entering the houses of all the citizens of Jaén.

Hard and constant work, together with manipulating only premium products with great care have made the growth of our company to be constant and managed to position itself as one of the benchmarks of the national market.

For all the great family that defines Mariscos Castellar this prize has been a gift, an important recognition product of the values and the philosophy that marks the trajectory of our company, and which we will continue teaching to future generations.

We are grateful to our human team, our distributors, and to each and every one of the families that open the doors of their homes and make us “participants” of their most special celebrations. You are our engine and the main reason why we continue working and growing.

We do not forget to make a special mention to the futsal team “Jaén, Paraíso Interior”, of which we are sponsors and who were also awarded in this ceremony as an example of fair play and tenacity. Congratulations guys!

Do you know what glazing in frozen foods is?

In order to understand today’s subject, we should make clear the following concepts:

Due to their prompt margins of expiry date, both fish and shellfish have to be subjected, usually “in situ”, to ultra-rapid freezing processes. This method preserves all the characteristics of the product and makes non-fresh food to reach our homes maintaining all its gustatory, olfactory, nutritional properties and also all its organoleptic properties. Nowadays, new techniques on the market are managed providing a plus of guarantee and confidence to the final result, and that is the case of glazing.

The glazing technique consists on spraying individually the surface of the product with potable water, thus blocking the effects of the oxidation and dehydration common of this type of processes, and in turn protecting the food.

According to the “Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.” Annex IX (Statement of the net amount). Section 5: “Where a solid food is presented in a liquid medium, the drained net weight of the food shall also be indicated. Where the food has been glazed, the declared net weight of the food shall be exclusive of the glaze.”

Users have to be kept informed at all times of the products they are going to acquire, as well as of the processes they have undergone from their catch to their arrival in supermarkets or wholesale companies. For this, all the parameters set by the regulations are clear: “The labelling of frozen food products for sale to the final consumer must indicate the weight without including the glazing, and it can be expressed in 3 ways:

– Double indication: Net weight (grams) y Drained weight (grams).

– Comparative indication: Net weight = Drained weight (grams).

– Individual indication: Drained weight (grams).”

This type of information must always be present in plain view of the consumer, marked in labels, signs or notice boards placed at the point of sale, on the product or close to it.



If “apparently” we do not see any problem, where is the source of conflict?

The conflict emerges when the glaze is used not only to protect the product but also to increase its weight, glazing is the only allowed technique but there is not a maximum limit established about how much glaze can be added to a product.

In most cases, and due to the lack of information about these simple concepts, users see themselves vulnerable against the deception of some companies. These companies, based on malpractices, look like they are offering a more economically advantageous product for the consumer, working with more glaze than the one declared in their packaging to lower the price and put in the container less product (drained weight). This way, we are paying water for fish, as the glaze adds an extra protective ice layer that increases the total weight of frozen products.

Handling these data, it is now also our responsibility as consumers to demand this information, and if for some reason it is not provided, we should doubt the product we are acquiring.

In our opinion, the conflict is not only in indicating the drained weight correctly, but that the drained weight indicated on the container is the real one. We recommend to the consumer not only to read the labelling of the acquired packaging, but to check the drained weight at home, at your bar, restaurant…

ASC Certification

Fish is a very healthy and nutritious product, rich in protein and minerals, as well as rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The growing demand of this food, parallel to the population increase, makes traditional fishing methods insufficient to satisfy the rise of such demand.

Contrary to the sea fishing and the limits it inevitably implies, aquaculture presents itself as an alternative and a solution. However, this system of fish production may present a number of problems such as water pollution or the alteration of ecosystems, among others.

And so is born ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), a non-profit organization with a clear objective: to fight for an aquaculture socially responsible, sustainable and respectful with the environment.

This way, this organization manages global standards and a certification programme; these guarantee that the certified product with the ASC label has been produced in a responsible way.

Mariscos Castellar has been the first company to get this certification for the farmed king prawns, and although 100 per cent of the producers originally does not count with this certification nowadays, our objective is achieving that 100 per cent throughout this year.

It is very important for us to contribute towards an aquaculture which is socially responsible and sustainable, which ensures that the environmental impact is minimal and always promotes responsible practices in the cultivation centres for seafood products.


Seafood helps you lose weight

The frightening post-Christmas crunch has already reached its halfway stage, and many of us have already started a healthy life, exercise and a good diet to detoxify ourselves from the recent Christmas festivities.

A few pounds’ overweight is one the things we inevitably take from almost every Christmas, and today, from Mariscos Castellar we want you to know a solution that may make your slimming diets easier.

Today we talk about the Chitosan, a substance that comes from the chitin existing in the crustacean shells as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, etc., and through which the so-called chitosan is obtained.

Many are the characteristics conferred to this substance: antifungal (prevent the fungal growth), antimicrobial, antiviral and procoagulant properties, in addition to being emulsifiable, absorbent and biodegradable. In fact, it has many uses and applications within the medical field or the agri-food industry.

But for our New Year’s resolution, what’s most interesting is that it has the property of being a “fat-expel”, and therefore, a help for the slimming diets because it naturally avoids the calorie intake from the food we take.

The way it acts is by catching a part of the fat we ingest and adhering it to itself. In that way, our body does not consume it and the most part proceeds to be excreted. It is essential to know that this complement is not going to expel the fat we have already accumulated, but acts on the fat we consume at that moment; that is why it is important to complete this help with the healthiest diet possible and exercise.

Besides being a delicious food, did you ever imagined that all this can be done with the shells of our shellfish?



Mariscos Castellar wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Today, Mariscos Castellar would like to express our best wishes for this Christmas, but not in which way. Four players from Jaén Paraíso Interior Futsal and Marcos Reguera have joined together with Mariscos Castellar in a very enjoyable Christmas greeting.


A dinner in which the host does not have the faintest idea of cooking for his guests, so he has the great idea of asking for help from Marcos Reguera, a master in gastronomy and cuisine.


What will he prepare for the dinner guests? We tell you beforehand that the dinner was quite a show, and that there was not a single empty dish left in the recording of the spot…

How about seeing it together?


Congratulations Juanma, our Ultraman!

Several days ago, a great announcement for Jaen’s sport came to us from #Hawaii: Juanma Gutiérrez got a well-deserved seventh position in the Ultraman World Championship 2016.

Mariscos Castellar has been one of the sponsors that has trusted this athlete from the province, who is also the first Andalusian to participate in this Ultraman championship. We are very proud of the immense effort and sacrifice that during three days have lead Juanma to get the seventh position, in a championship where 40 worldwide athletes competed.

It was a total of 25 hours, 7 minutes and 25 seconds to confront three hard races consisting of 10 km swimming, 420 km cycling and 84 km running (obtaining the second position in this category), together with the fact that he had to stand the hot and humid climate characteristic of this island. All these conditions make our champion’s deeds even greater if possible.

15171136_1219803771418786_8683237362169527625_n   15267956_10210986943607516_1877030078361708980_n

Our commitment to sports has been always very close, and therefore we do not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate Juanma once again from our blog. Congratulations for having overcome this intense championship, for his effort and tenacity, for his great resilience that has almost taken to the limit, and for leaving the name of #Jaén in a real high place.



We are debuting!

Today, we bring good news. We want to welcome our new WEBSITE Mariscos Castellar dresses in all its finery, not just for debuting a renew and dynamic web, but also because our expected BLOG finally sees the light. It is a new way of communicating with you and we are excited to start.

After getting into the social media world by the hand of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we go a step further and put at your disposal the Blog of Mariscos Castellar. It will be full of interesting news about our company, products, recipes or articles so that you just have to pay attention to all the news we publish for you.

Many of you already know us, but we introduce ourselves in case you just got here: Mariscos Castellar was born in a village of Jaén called Castellar for almost half a century, back in 1969, providing seafood principally to neighbours and nearby villages.

Many years of work and effort allowed us to grow and have one of the most prominent shellfish bars at national level, as well as one of the most advanced deep-freezing techniques. Nowadays, we offer a wide range of deep-frozen products: vegetables, pre-cooked, ice-creams, fishes, etc., being seafood products our speciality, and cooked shellfish our key product.

This way, we connect a product of exceptional quality, one of the most advanced deep-freezing techniques and an extensive distribution network all over the country. Today, all of this enables us to reach most of our houses, restaurants or supermarkets, and also bring THE TASTE OF THE SEA closer to your table in perfect conditions.

See you in the next article?